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Weight Loss Thailand

There has been conversation for decades about the best ways to achieve weight loss. So many people tell us to do this, not do this, don’t eat this, try this diet… to exercise etc. as ways to Losing Weight and some of them work!

However, there’s a much better way if you’re really into losing weight for life. You should work on your overall Lifestyle. The wholeness of your health to work on nutrition, good food/bad food, intelligent shopping, exercise, stress reduction, your own attitude, what’s it take to be healthy, basically learn the “Art of Healthy Living.” This is what weight loss is really all about. To do the job the right way it’s a holistic approach.

For over 25 year’s people have come to Thailand to do Detox/Cleansing in Koh Samui. Most of them achieved weight loss, but most came for more than just weight loss. They came to change their lives, to change their lifestyles. That’s why the Founder of the first Detox center in Thailand is now offering “Health Quest”. With all those years of experience in the management of his own healthcare resorts, and now using practical lifestyle coaching methods this will guide you in creating a new lifestyle practice, and help give you the longevity you deserve.

The “Health Quest” program consists of twice monthly lessons to develop a practice of good health. An understanding of what you may be doing wrong and what needs to change to reach lifestyle goals and weight loss if that’s what you’re after! It doesn’t happen overnight, it’s a six-month curriculum you’ll study step by step to assure a smooth and gentle change to your new practices of good health. This is meant to move steadily and surely.

You may be worried about your weight, you may be feeling older, or think your looks are fading. This will make you Look better, feel stronger and live longer.

Health Quest is a holistic online approach to wellness and weight loss, which means that you’ll look at how all areas of your life are connected. Losing weight can be one of the things that happen on your lifestyle journey.

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