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Straight from our “Comments Book” and feedback from the participants of the “Clean-me-out” Colon Cleansing program at The Spa Resorts, Koh Samui, Thailand since 1992.What do people say about their cleanse!

Living in the Slow Lane Down at the Spa
Living in the slow lane down at the Spa
Giving up the food you eat
So good to go so far
Taking the time and trouble
To look inside your mind
The ultimate experience
Is the taking of the time
So get to know yourself
Get to care about your health
Living in the slow lane, down at the Spa
Don’t think about the future
Or worry about the past
Living for the present moment
Let that feeling last
Seven days of introspection
You really can’t go wrong
Thinking Love and only Love
Can only make you strong
Get to know yourself care about your health
Living in the slow lane, down at the Spa
Now channel all that energy away from food and drink
And what you’ve got, not what you’ve not
Is a Happy way to think
A paradise around you sand and sea and sun
A mirror of the paradise inside of everyone
Now get to know yourself and care about yourself
Living in the slow lane, down at the Spa.
And when you finish fasting
Remember everything you eat
Will shape the way you think and Feel
From your head down to your feet
Smiling at your neighbors
And especially at yourself
Will help you stay that peaceful way
And reward you with good health
So get to know yourself care about your health
Living in the slow lane down at the Spa.

Love, Colin.

I had heard about the fasting program at The Spa Resort from friends who had returned with rediscovered cheekbones and eyes gleaming with health. American Guy Hopkins and his Thai wife, Toi established the Spa as a Residential Health Centre. It is now considered one of Asia’s premier Health Resorts.

It is located on Ko Samui’s famed Lamai beach, and it is the centres comprehensive and time tested variety of alternative health therapies that attracts visitors, many of whom make frequent return visits.

Of the many programs and activities offered the most popular is the supervised seven day fast. The Spa’s library is well stocked with books on the subject where I learned that fasting has been used for thousands of years as a means of health improvement. Historic cases have included Jesus, Pythagoras and Ghandi and its premier benefit is the total detoxification of the body. The Spa’s fasting program includes the intake of bulk providing psyllium husk, fruit juices, vitamins and mineral supplements and self-administered enemas, (Colemas) about which I will spare you the details.

On my last day as I watched the sun dip below the velvety sea. I felt light- headed and felt infused with a profound serenity that I had not expected. Did I last the full seven days? Of course not, concerning most matters of self-discipline I am a spineless jellyfish, but I considered even my brief fast a success and I am sure of one thing – I am coming back.

While you are at The Spa you can also enjoy other therapeutic services, such as their herbal sauna. It uses natural Thai herbs to promote healthier respiratory and metabolic function and I found it provided a wonderfully soporific afterglow. The herbal sauna is often used in conjunction with the fasting programs. Massage is also popular and is provided by members of the staff who are highly professional in alleviating the many muscular disorders that the sedentary western lifestyle has a habit of bringing about. It also helps pass the time quite pleasantly when you are trying to forget your growling stomach.

The Spa is undoubtedly an excellent remedy for anyone whose overall fitness and health is below par as the result of a punishing city-based lifestyle. In short The Spa is an unbeatable font of healthy living. The ecstatic feeling that I achieved on day seven was worth all the deprivation. Fasting makes you very aware of your Body and slows you right down. Enough to tune into your Spirit. By the time that you leave here you will be appreciating life from a totally new perspective. Love light and thanks to everyone I’ve met at The Spa Resort.


Thanks for all your help. I feel revitalised and fitter and healthier than I ever have been. And this is only the beginning. I cannot wait to change my diet to foods that are good for me.

Along with detoxifying the Body, one should also detoxify the Mind. Once one knows and experience’s Silence and the voice of Nature, one is repulsed by all we feed ourselves in the name of food, entertainment and music, Robert:
I walk out of here today feeling great. Cleansed and happy, Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy!
I hope that one day the world will be just as open about talking about enemas, as everybody here is. Thanks again, I’ll see you soon.

Love and light, Tara.

Check it out, check it out. It’s incredible, check it out !!! You gave me a new outlook for life and it is only the beginning! See you soon.


​It was one of the best experiences of my life and I can hardly wait to return, you changed my life. Thanks for everything sincerely.

Colleen Holland. Los Angeles. CA.

I would like to share with you that I feel blessed and grateful to be here. Thank you crew at The Spa. God exists; he/she is in the food, in the sun, the moon and in you and me. “This being here” has been an act of self-love, the first step to enlightenment. Friends, let’s turn on the whole world. You can only love somebody if you love yourself.

I write these remarks with the greatest respect and admiration for Guy, the Chairman of the board. Thank you Guy for establishing this place and for the program. Your personal quest for wellness and the seventeen years of study, inquiry and experimentation has evolved into this unique program. I have had chronic psoriasis (Skin disorder) for twenty years. I’ve known my colon was toxic for almost as long but was unable to do anything about it. After the sixth day I could tell from my eyes that a major amount of toxins had left my body. On the tenth day my brown/green eyes started turning blue. After fourteen days my psoriasis is gone !! I have the body of a thirty five year old man and I am doing yoga postures like I have not done for years. I am now sixty years old and had my sixtieth birthday here. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift! The money I spent here is the best deal I have ever had in my life. I leave here with the gift of health and vitality. Thank you Guy, Toi and staff at The Spa Resort.

Evan. San Francisco. CA.

​The experiences I’ve had during my fast were beyond anything I could have hoped for or imagined. On a physical level, I felt so strong, energetic and toned. Mentally and emotionally I felt so alive, alert, happy and balanced. Spiritually I received many insights. It was a very special experience that will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Kei Ino. Hong Kong

Before, I always had to clean my nose because of my catarrh. Today it is the first time in years that I can smell again. It is day six of my fast and any doubts that I had about the effectiveness of the process have been completely wiped out. Apart from the toxins that have been coming out of my colon, I feel mentally and emotionally unburdened as well. I never, ever felt healthier than I do right now. And I suppose day seven will be even more fantastic. The results can only be described as truly phenomenal. Never before have I had such an awareness of my body and how important total health is. I wish I could write about all the amazing things about this experience. But I’d rather have whoever is reading this to trust me and the benefits of the program. But more importantly, experience them.

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