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Find Your Path

By Joshua Rosenthal Founder Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

We live in a busy world trying to fulfill our goals by working hard, playing hard and trying to be in multiple places at one time. Are you running around because there is something missing in your life? Whenever you feel consumed by life, here is a simple exercise to incorporate into your day:
Sit in a comfortable position
Breathe through your nose and notice how the air is cooler going in and warmer going out.
Place one hand over your heart and one hand over your belly.
Feel your heart beating and thank it for being there for you, every day.
Feel your belly, noticing the rise on the inhale and the fall on the exhale.
Thank your belly for digesting all the food you eat.
Sit silently with your eyes closed, and allow yourself to be.
How do you feel? Are you more in tune with your surroundings? It is through these exercises that we can start to discover if there is a void that we are trying to fill by keeping busy or eating junk foods. These exercises explore spirituality and our connection to the universe. Spirituality, like food, comes in all forms. Some people follow the spiritual path their ancestors grew up with, while others explore new traditions. If meditation or prayer isn’t for you, maybe try going for a walk at night and feeling the vastness of the night sky, or walking by the ocean and enjoying the sense of endless space. Explore different styles of spirituality. Through prayer, meditation or the belief a God, a energy, you will fill a void that may otherwise be filled with processed foods.

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