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Best Thailand Health Retreats

The Spa Resort Samui is born On May 15, 1992 It opened it’s sandy doors as the first Health Resort on the beaches of the idyllic island of Koh Samui, Thailand. This being the very first “Health Destination Resort” with the guests good health, it’s primary concern.

In the years to come Samui would become one of the most famous island destinations in Southeast Asia. Indeed some now say “it has the best Thailand health retreats and the top health resorts in Asia”.

The founder of that very first Health Resort in Thailand has now created a new way to turn folks on to a better lifestyle. It’s called “Health Quest” a potentially life changing program. It takes 6 months to learn the basic’s of a healthy Lifestyle. then to practice this new way of life on a daily basis.

Maybe you can’t get to Koh Samui! Do your own Retreat!! Just think of that!!! a 6 month self-propelled retreat learn the practice of a good healthy lifestyle.. it’s all inclusive in the program. There’s very good reason to get involved with your lifestyle. Surely you’ve heard that there is a health epidemic in world. Highest rates of fatal diseases like Diabetes, heart disease, cancer. time to pay attention. Most are caused by poor Lifestyle practices, diet, lack of exercise, stress to name the top three. Why not learn the basics of a great healthy lifestyle?

So the guy that brought the health retreat to Thailand is now bringing you a retreat to your doorstep. You could even become a Health Coach if you’d like to help others as well. The Spa Resort Plus can also show you the way.

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