"Look Better, Feel Better & Live Longer- What does it take?"


Get Yourself, Family & Friends On The Bandwagon And Learn The Simple Basics, Learn The Practice Of A Good Healthy Lifestyle.  It’s Easy For You To Change Your Lifestyle, adopt healthy eating habits…….With “Health Quest”.

I’ve Watched & learned Over the Past 76 Years as We’ve Collectively Been Shown The Way To Poor Health. Our Lifestyles Changed Into A Convenient Cash Flow For Big Food & Pharma. Learn about that and Change Your Lifestyle Now. You can Also Help “Create The ‘Ripple Effect’ Become A “Health Coach”.  Let’s Teach Everyone How To Eat Well To Be Healthy. Let’s Make The World A Healthy Place To Live Again! It’s All About Changing Our Lifestyles..

Let’s Go & Learn To GLOW!

Some other older folks said:

“In Order To Change We Must Be Sick And Tired Of Being Sick And Tired.”

“Today, More Than 95% Of All Chronic Disease Is Caused By Food Choice, Toxic Food Ingredients, Nutritional Deficiencies And Lack Of Physical Exercise.” ~Mike Adams

“Health Is A State Of Complete Harmony Of The Body, Mind And Spirit. When One Is Free From Physical Disabilities And Mental Distractions, The Gates Of The Soul Open.” ~B.K.S. Iyengar

“Mainstream Medicine Would Be Way Different If They Focused On Prevention Even Half As Much As They Focused On Intervention

“Health Is Like Money, We Never Have A True Idea Of Its Value Until We Lose It.” ~Josh Billings

“Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only Place You Have To Live.” ~Jim Rohn

“By Cleansing Your Body On A Regular Basis And Eliminating As Many Toxins As Possible From Your Environment, Your Body Can Begin To Heal Itself, Prevent Disease, And Become Stronger And More Resilient Than You Ever Dreamed Possible!” ~Dr. Edward Group

Hi, I’m Guy, The Founder of The Spa Resort Samui In Thailand. The 1st Health Destination Resorts with Cleansing/Detox In Thailand.

We Opened The Spa Resort Samui May 15, 1992…I’m also a Health Coach Graduate…

Want To Learn What I’ve Learned? First Help Yourself then Help Others, You to can Become a Health Coach Graduate…

Get yourself a Healthy Lifestyle right here…..


Our goal is to help Folks create a Healthy Lifestyle Practice to vibrant health, for them, their family & friends with Health Quest….  The 12 precepts above will be covered step by step over 6 months… 2 lessons a month covering 2-3 of the above precepts per month, to give you a guide to a great Lifestyle, including Brilliant Health DVD’s by renowned health experts, plus each issue has new healthy Recipes. All in understandable language to build your Lifestyle practice.

Become A Health Coach Now.

You Can Help Yourself, Your Family & Friends,
Help Create A Ripple Effect…Everyone Should Know How To Be Healthy…

One and All should know what to do to help them stay healthy. Find our own recommended Detox Cleanse DIY Program, Plus super food, Health guiding DVD’s, Books and more… from Food Matters……

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